The Rebel Media fact-finding expedition to Israel will feature visits to cities and towns around the nation's borders, including Gaza, Lebanon, the Golan Heights, and Judea and Samaria, with expert analysis on every major issue affecting Israel and the region.

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Ezra LevantEzra Levant

Ezra Levant is founder and president of The Rebel, an online media outlet dedicated to covering stories the mainstream media ignore. In addition to hosting his eponymous online news program, The Ezra Levant Show, he is also a human rights activist, a prolific author.

In 2009, Levant wrote a best-selling book called Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights. That book was selected by the Writer’s Trust as the best Canadian political book in 25 years. Levant has also authored the books: Ethical Oil: The Case for Canada’s Oilsands, which won the 2011 National Business Book Award; and The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr. His latest book, Groundswell: The Case for Fracking, was nominated for the 2015 National Business Book Award.

Levant is no stranger to the media. He has been a regular contributor to the National Post and served as host of The Source on Canada’s Sun News Network, which was nicknamed "Fox News North."

Jhon CardilloJohn Cardillo

John Cardillo serves as host of Off the Cuff Declassified on The Rebel. A New York native, Cardillo patrolled the south Bronx as a member of the NYPD, often crossing paths with some of the borough’s toughest elements. After serving the citizens of New York for a decade, John fused his law enforcement experience and business acumen to found a highly successful online safety and security firm.

His extensive criminal justice and policing experience led to him be called on by Attorneys General and industry coalitions. Cardillo helped block or pass legislation in over a dozen states and has testified as an expert witness and subject matter expert before the United States Congress and multiple state legislatures. He was appointed a member of Harvard Law School’s prestigious Internet Safety Technical Task Force, and in 2008 was the recipient of a tribute from the Florida House of Representatives for his contributions.

Cardillo began his own career in conservative talk radio by launching a weekend show on 1290 WJNO, The Palm Beaches, and later hosted the eponymous John Cardillo Show on Salem Media Group’s WZAB 880 in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. In 2016 Cardillo was included in Talkers Magazine’s Heavy Hundred List, which recognizes the 100 most influential talk-radio hosts in America.

Katie HopkinsKatie Hopkins

Leaving business life in Manhattan for the small screen, Katie came to prominence in 2007 as the first U.K. Apprentice to fire Lord Sugar.

Now a regular columnist and program host for The Rebel, Hopkins is also a well-known radio talk show host. Her columns have appeared in a range of publications including The Sun and Daily Mail Online. Unwavering in her commitment to tell the truth regardless the cost, she is best described as "fearless."

An outspoken critic of the obesity epidemic, Katie gained half her own body weight and lost it again over six months to prove that people can indeed make healthier choices for their lives. Her documentary for TLC, "To Fat and Back" remains the most successful commission for the channel since its launch, winning the Highly Commended prize at the U.K. Broadcast Awards.

Katie has strident views on women and feminism, politics, Brexit, and the refugee crisis, and never apologizes for her beliefs.

"People are not sorry they said something - they are sorry not to be loved," she often says.

Katie is a trained Economist. She was sponsored through Exeter University and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst by the Intelligence Corps and offered a Regular Commission of 35-years with the British Army.

Katie is married and has three small children to whom she’s a devoted mum.

Dr. Tanveer AhmedDr. Tanveer Ahmed

Dr. Tanveer Ahmed is a psychiatrist and author. Born in Bangladesh but raised in Australia, he is the author of migration memoir, The Exotic Rissole, and more recently, Fragile Nation, chronicling the cultural rise of mental health issues. He is a regular contributor to the Spectator magazine and has written for the major newspapers in Australia. He has also presented international news stories for television and co-hosted a prime-time gameshow. He lives in Sydney with his family.

Sheila Gunn ReidSheila Gunn Reid

Sheila Gunn Reid is host of The Gunn Show on The Rebel. From Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Gunn is a stay at home mom and conservative activist. She grew up on her family farm and her roots in the oil patch and farming community run deep. Gunn has been a contributor to Corus radio's nationally broadcast Roy Green Show, where she was part of the Hockey Mom's Panel, tackling issues like government over reach and encroachment into our families. Gunn is a true conservationist, and is an advocate of ethical farming and hunting practices. She is an outspoken pro-Israel advocate and never shies away from reporting the stories the mainstream media ignore.